10 Must Watch 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

10 Must Watch Super Bowl Commercials
Yesterday was a big night in Houston, Texas. A Super Bowl game that made history going into overtime, record crowds and yes, Lady Gaga floating down from the stadium roof. Between all the glitz and glamour, viewers did not forget that it was a big night for advertising, and we saw some great Super Bowl commercials. While most fans were still recovering from last night’s hangover, we decided to go ahead and compile a list of some of the must-watch 2017 Super Bowl ads. Many ads this year showcased themes highlighting elements that bring us together, taking recent socio-political developments from 2016 into account. There were also some great firsts – the first live ad, and new technology from Intel. Let’s dive in.

1. Intel

Intel showed-off some new technology yesterday, with its 360-degree replay feature integrated into the game. It was pretty cool to see the field from every angle in real-time and draw in on the action, including first-person view from the players’ helmets. They even used drones during the Half-time Show, using the sky as a backdrop and lighting them up behind Lady Gaga for added theatrics. Their ad was mostly a reveal announcement for the 360 replay featuring New England Patriots’ Tom Brady.

2. Turkish Airlines

The only airline to unveil a Super Bowl ad this year, Turkish airlines used star power. Morgan Freeman invites you to “Widen Your World” and take “delight in our differences”.

3. Ford

Ford had a catchy, creative spot. Starting off, it looks more like a compilation of FAIL videos.

4. Sprite

Reverse psychology anyone? Try not to drink a Sprite after watching this ad starring Lebron James.

5. Budweiser

This spot was revealed a few days before the game, and has generated mixed reactions. Viewers say the ad is political, but the company stresses that their intent was merely to highlight the journey of their founder as an example for other people striving for similar goals.

6. Google Home

Google also released a new Super Bowl ad this year, taking us inside the diverse homes in America to the slow, backdrop humming of John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads.

7. Nintendo Switch

The new gaming system from Nintendo launches next month, but its pre-orders are already booked to capacity at Best Buy. It continued to generate buzz after yesterday’s Super Bowl ad.

8. Expedia

If you have ever felt wanderlust and the desire to visit places, this one is for you.

9. Snickers (First Live Ad)

Snickers presented the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial, starring Adam Driver, and stuck to their campaign of “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

10. Lumber 84

Perhaps the most controversial ad from this year’s Super Bowl, its complete cut was banned from air because it was deemed too political. It shows a Mexican family journeying to the US, where they find the border locked down because of a wall. Here’s the link to the complete cut. To check out all the 2017 Super Bowl commercials, click here.