How Coke Zero Used Digital Technology for “Drinkable Ads”

Integrating digital channels, and harnessing social power to drive campaign success is every brand’s dream. Coca Cola, the maestro of marketing, shows us an excellent example of how to do this. This is a campaign from last year but it’s a case in marketing mastery so always worth a mention. And especially because no better examples like these popped up like this over the past year.

The campaign during the NCAA tournament in 2015. It centered on a partnership with ESPN College GameDay and Shazam to make the integrations effective. While Coca Cola has been around for generations, Coke Zero is still a relatively newer brand in the portfolio. Within ten years of launch, Coke Zero became a $1 billion dollar brand but it still has so much room to grow. The key insight around the campaign was that over 85% of millennials have never tried Coke Zero, but there is a high chance of getting them hooked on to the product. There is a close-to 50% conversion rate for those who try Coke Zero, going on to consume the drink at least once a month.This is Coke’s first campaign to promote product trial for Coke Zero at such a huge scale.

Using the “Drinkable Ad” theme, Coke Zero integrated traditional and digital channels to reward users with a sample of a 20 oz Coke Zero bottle if they interacted with the message and completed certain actions. Check out the ingenius Shazam and Twitter integrations.


They even planted “drinkable jerseys” in the crowd. Take a picture with Shazam, and earn yourself a free coupon for Coke Zero:

I mean, the whole campaign is just – WOW! To see “drinkable advertising” in action, check out Coke’s video below.